The Arizon Gym – Workout Room Facility

In 2016, Arizon Companies was pleased to announce a new employee benefit at the Corporate Office: A Workout Room Facility. The facility contains cardio equipment, strength training machines, free weights, and an LCD Television. Employees are encouraged to take advantage of this benefit after signing the required waiver.

Our Human Resources Department is aware that exercise is essential and very good for health—it not only improves your body, overall health but at the same time can help you in your career! Exercising can provide wonderful benefits including increased productivity, reduce anxiety, enhance decision-making skills and so on that can open the path to success. Health and Wellness flyers are distributed monthly via email and posted in the Workout Room.

We are pleased with the heavy traffic the Workout Room has driven. This benefit allows employees to save time driving to the gym, decreases the expense, and many more advantages. In 2017, we hope to add more equipment and retrieve employee feedback/suggestions on how to advance.