HVAC – Winter Season Checklist

Arizon Companies wants to give you the tools to make sure your HVAC equipment is up to par for the winter season. Check off the boxes below before winter hits:

□ Thermostat Settings: Testing your settings prior to winter ensures you can provide a comfortable temperature. Keeping up with these settings also helps the energy efficiency of your Johnson Air-Rotation, Marcraft or Air handing unit/s.

□ Electric/Gas Connections: If the electric/gas connections are malfunctioning, they could damage your HVAC equipment or make it dangerous to operate.

□ Controls System: The controls for your unit are essential and making sure they are working properly ensures the system operates efficiently. For dome owners, these controls are especially essential to putting your dome into bad whether mode when the need occurs this winter.

□ Clean Air Filter: Many people overlook the air filter(s) in their units. These filters are critical for an efficient airflow. Make sure your air filters are cleaned or switched out regularly.

Arizon Companies encourages our Johnson Air-Rotation, Marcraft Custom HVAC and Arizon Building Systems customers to check their equipment regularly throughout the year to ensure each system is performing at its optimal ability.