Fall is finally here! And with it not only comes the holiday season, but also cold and flu season. Our Arizon Companies’ employees are taking charge of their health and wellness this season.

Here are some of the ways we are staying healthy:

  1. Washing Hands
    • Numerous times a day and definitely before meals
  1. Drinking Plenty of Water
    • We are supposed to drink half our body weight in ounces per day. Water is so good for us, and it will help flush out toxins and other stuff that can make us sick
  1. Keeping Work Areas Clean
    • Wipe your desk, keyboard, mouse and phone with a disinfecting wipe each day
  1. Eating More Vitamin C and E Foods
    • Foods containing vitamins C and E help boost our immune system. Adding even a couple more this time of year can help keep us feeling good! These foods include: sunflower seeds, almonds, peanuts, orange juice, citrus fruits, broccoli and green peppers
  1. Learning to Manage Stress
    • Stress can leave us exhausted, mess with our sleep and be very hard on our bodies, which can cause us to get sick. Figuring out how to combat the stress in our lives is essential on many levels. Start doing something you enjoy, go work out, take a walk, meditate, journal, read, treat yourself to a massage or a spa day, or take a bath. Find out what will help you decompress and add it into your weekly routine

Staying healthy this time of year is never easy, but these tips can certainly improve your health in many ways. By doing these five simple tips we can go into Fall feeling good and ready to take on 2018’s final quarter.